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Latest Bridesmaid Dress And NailPolish Color

As a bride, the most important thing is to choose color and cut of your bridesmaid dresses. This decision will feel more important especially when you are going to share it with your girlfriends because they’re the ones who’ll be wearing the dress. In the realm of bridesmaid dresses it is a great blessing for them that there are some especially beautiful color and texture trends happening this year and of course, these gorgeous trends will be really inspired when they come up with the perfect nail polish pairings for girls!

Besides the traditional French it used to be that anything manicure or pale pink nails was seen as taboo for weddings, but no more. To add a unique, affordable accessory to your ladies’ ensembles a bright, fresh pop of nail color is the perfect way. But the most important thing is to pick a hue that will work with the dress and the flowers.

new trend of bridal dress 2014
lateset and new trend of bridesmaid dress 2014

Now we are going to share with you seven fresh bridesmaid dress and nail color pairings that are perfect for your summer wedding.

Grey and Navy Shades:

For any season Grey and navy are chic bridesmaid shades. Both these colors are rich and not as heavy as classic black. A great way to give them a cheerful pop of color is with their nails if you’re putting your maids in grey or navy for an outdoor summer wedding.

navy brides maid dress
navy bridesmaid dresses 2014 red nail polish lateset trend for girls

We love a pretty baby blue like Bess against a grey dress while bright red shade like Myriam adds the perfect dash of drama to a navy dress.

grey bridesmaid dress 2014
gray bridesmaid dresses for 2014 blue nail polish trend

Mint Color:

For this year mint is a big wedding color trend because it is instantly refreshing and uplifting, and suits everyone. A vibrant bubblegum pink like Reese or a playful coral shade like Harriet looks feminine set against mint. These both colors will play gorgeously with the hues in your garland, whether your flowers are vibrant, blush, or all white.

mint bridesmaid dress
mint bridesmaid dresses 2014 nail polish trend for brides

Lace Dress:

This year brides love to wear Lace dress because it’s festive, feminine, and perfectly fancy in any color. Take a cue from one of the richer colors in your bouquets and go for a texture contrast with a high-gloss crème if your lace dresses are on the lighter side. We love two dramatic options that still keep that ladylike vibe are Veronica and Evelyn.

bridesmaid lace dress
bridesmaid dresses with white lace 2014 nail polish trend

Keep your girls’ nail color neutral if your lace dress is bright and bold, so it doesn’t compete with the dress. Depending on your wedding color palette, don’t be afraid to play a little with color or texture like Annemarie or a frosty pink like Lois.

green lace bridesmaid dress
Green LaceBridesmaid Dresses nail polish trend 2014

Elegant Blush Pink:

Blush pink is coming back as the bridesmaid dress with its elegance and beauty. Stay close to the color with your ladies’ nails, either with a lovely dusty pink like Malala or an almost-white pale pink like Ava to keep your palette as pretty as can be. Roc Solid takes on a romantic air set against blush pink if you are going for a woodland fairy vibe, a muted, creamy forest green like.

blushpink bridesmaid dress
blushpink bridesmaid dress 2014 nail polish trend for brides

Liking for Ombré:

Why ombre is becoming popular among so many lovely bridesmaid dress styles and colors. In this season gowns are becoming the first choice of brides because without looking cookie-cutter they give your maids an element of solidity. In the same palette as your dresses choose a small group of nail colors, and let each girl pick one, or let everyone create her own ombré manicure. For these lovely purple ombré gowns, a mix of nails in Mae , Elisa ,Gabrielle , and Charlotte would be unique and gorgeous.

ombre brides maid dress
ombre bridesmaid dresses 2014- rends nail polish trend

Glossy Neutrals:

“It’s party time!” So go off the champagne and spangle bridesmaid dresses scream. A neutral hue keeps this look elegant and grown-up. With a neutral mani achieve this same balance on your bridesmaids’ nails. Give each girl a shiny, simple mani in Florence or Alexandra and for those who want to really go for the gold, create glitter French tips, half moons, or an accent nail in a dazzling metallic glitter like Oscar or Jane.

sequines bridesmaid dress
champagne sequin bridesmaid dresses nail polish trend

Coral & Peach Color:

For summer a foolproof bridesmaid dress colors are pink-toned oranges in the coral, peach, and melon family. Put your ladies’ fingertips in glistening gold to match sophisticated and unique nail color. The perfect mix of fancy and fancy-free will be pink champagne metallic like Zelda or an Old Hollywood gold shimmer like Margot.

coral bridesmaid dress
coral bridesmaiddresses 2014 gold nail polish trend for girls

Wedding nail color is liked and loved by many people because it’s a small touch that will have a big impact, especially when you coordinate the right photo ops with your photographer. Getting matching manicures and pedicures, creates a fun pre-wedding activity for you and your bridesmaids.

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