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Levi’s CoolMax 2014 Summer Collections for Boys & Girls

Jeans are an item of clothing which many people cannot happen. Almost everyone has a pair of favorite jeans in their closet that they carry on a regular basis throughout the year.

Levi’s CoolMax Collection
Levi’s Coolmax Collection 2014

However, when summers begin to approach, especially in countries like India, Pakistan, carriers of jean face serious problems as the weather does not allow them to adorn their pair favorite because of soaring temperatures.

However, they have to worry about, nor the brand innovative and renowned world Levi has come up with a solution to the mode which allows everyone, everywhere the opportunity to wear the denim their Levi’s favorite – and non-denim styles year-round. April Levi’s has globally launched their new Levi’s COOLMAX, which as its name suggests, is a collection that has been designed to combat the heat.

1 x 1.TRANS fashion trends Levi line COOLMAX for Girls and Girls

Understand the dilemma faced by their clients in torrid months, Levi’s has collaborated with a fabric company based in Wichita, Kansas, In vista to combine their Coolmax fabric with denim from Levi and create dresses spring/summer 2014 which will change the perception that jeans can only be worn in the colder months.

Latest Levis CoolMax Summer Collection
Latest Levis CoolMax Summer Collection for Girls & Boys

Coolmax fibers are not only woven differently – in a zigzag as opposed to the traditional rounded structure pattern – but they also evaporate perspiration four times faster than all other clothing. These fibers for therm regulation help by moving perspiration from the body, allowing it to evaporate more quickly and allow the fabric to breathe.

Here are some beautiful collection of Levi’s CoolMax Summer wear 2014 in gallery bellow.

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