Borjan Eid Shoes Collection 2014

In Pakistan Borjan aspire to turn into a leading organization. Borjan has been working in fashion world since 1995. In Pakistan for ladies and gents as well as boys and girls, Borjan is the symbol of marvelous footwear. Borjan has got popularity not only in Pakistan but also in its neighboring nations.

Borjan Eid Shoes Collection 2014
borjan shoe eid collection for women 2014-5

They spread their products in the whole world so that our brands & utility products become the first choice of its consumers to make them look & feel smart. That’s why Borjan has become an international brand, which is popular both in eastern countries and in western countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Spain,

As everyone knows that Eid festival is coming near day by day, and everyone wants to make himself up-to-date not only with the dresses but also with the latest and trendy shoes. Borjan always give a special attention on these occasions because it knows this reality very well those women, girls, boys, children and men all prepare well on this Eid occasion. So to fulfill the demands of its loving customers Borjan Exclusive shoes collection 2014 has been launched yesterday. In this collection mostly the slipper designs have been included keeping in view the hotty summer season when everyone loves to wear slipper design footwear.

Borjan Eid Shoes Collection 2014
borjan shoe eid collection for women 2014-8

For this summer and on Eid event the slipper-cut is a big trend for young women. According to the manager of Borjan Shoe Company “we’ve given our gills’ version a sophisticated dull gold finish, shoes in this collection keep them playful and easy to wear”. To maintain a simple silhouette and offer a comfortable fit Borjan casual flats are best. These shoes are no doubt effortlessly elegant, Playful and easy to wear.

Borjan Eid Shoes Collection 2014
borjan new eid shoes designs for girls 2014-2

For a vibrant alternative for evening high shine metallic is found in this collection. With instant antique style, step out into this summer and Eid occasion. You can sweeten your look with sea green shades for Eid. We can also say that these shoes are ideal for brightening up a summer outfit. A great versatile option for summer and Eid multi-colored flats are a casual for girls.

Now dear girls just for you we are going to peresent the images of Borjan eid shoes design so that you may pick one of them for you at eid.

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