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Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week

London Fashion Week departures to 10 it Am show at the University of Westminster Tuesday, which it is my solemn duty to report included Poppy Delevingne, model and socialite, and actor Richard E. Grant, were driven underground to the art gallery Ambika P3, a cavernous space formerly devoted to the construction of concrete.

Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week
Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week 2014

Mood of cheerful anticipation prevailed – Ms Hindmarch productions, as many of their portfolios, have been released by its elements of humor and surprise – as India. Arie’s “Because I am a Queen”, interpreted affirming by the speakers: “I’m not the typical girl in your video, woo / my value is not determined by the price of clothing”, wait “.”

In the words of the estimated California philosopher Cher Horowitz: “As if!”

But I digress. Diagonal bands of colored lights flashed in the light as models began its promenade, some inpairs as the elephant and the Kangaroo, wearing white suits, the best to show leather items. One was holding a bunch of colorful balloons metallic, like a child on their way to a birthday party.Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week

Straining for a view of the real merchandise, I was preparatory a sluggish collapse. “That’s all it” I notion, constrict not capable to do anything in my Bench mate elbow, fortunately, not a member of the boning Delevingne-fragile family.”We have reached the point of absolute saturation of marketing stimuli Better cancel Milan.

London – It went to hell in a basket in the Anya Hindmarch bag.

But not: wasn’t that the track had been revealed as a set of platforms in motion, turning to paid attendees a new perspective from the ranks of all the way. Aware of this, everyone screamed and – as Ms Hindmarch and its planners had no doubt calculated – frantically began trying to commit when the vineyard, the video-sharing application.

Then came baskets, such as rides on the cup of tea that rotate at Disney, pushed by break with that skeleton costumes dancers glow in the dark, in his carefully choreographed turns almost mowed by one of the cat walkers.Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week

In an instant it was all over, and if I had interviewed about the spring of the Ms Hindmarch line while it emerges from this under bizarre world (again: “as if”), it would have stayed silent, although research later indicated that it will feature school girlish stickers and printed clutches with logos of chewing gum, a continuation of cereals from Kellogg and other food from last season.

Somewhere in heaven, Andy Warhol has climbed from that can of tomato soup and take a long, hot shower.Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week

For the Lady Hindmarch – which made its worldwide reputation with a bag that proclaimed proudly, “I’m not a plastic bag” and that you have installed in a number of boutiques ‘tailor-made’ workshops complete with craftsmen and totems of family life with apron – put such emblems of disposability in the center of a collection seemed a strange turn, the truth.

But there is enormous pressure on companies to create easily identifiable accessories, like the Louis Vuitton Murakami of more than one decade ago, they capture the imagination of the masses: a bag of blow, if not a bag of it.Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week

From there yoke it’s younger sister face Lady Delevingne, as Alexa Chung before it, the Mora, which although among creative directors has managed to beat until waves of enthusiasm for convertible backpacks, also derived from schoolgirl, some cost more than 3000 Euros. The company has also plan for this week showed some own a bridesmaid purses for their older clients.

Next to Kate Moss that face stepped for the 1st row at Burberry, which carries one of which brand Mini Bee bags instead of the design on which its competitor has nailed its expectations for the fourth quarter; and that she also opened a bag of blue canvas oval around the track at the fair of Top shop Unique showed as far as a country, once invoked for sensible leather is labyrinthine.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week in gallery bellow.

I hope you got some new going London fashion week info with Anya Hindmarch Merchandise at London fashion week.

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