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Latest Fall Winter All Trend 2014-2015

Mix idea between the seasons ask and that commotion may be is special about summer sales mark the arrival of the autumn winter collections on the shelves. The opportunity for us to tour the new fashion trends autumn winter 2014 2015.

Latest Fall Winter All Trend 2014-2015

One slogan sweetness. It will in all rays that!!!

                    Coats Autumn Winter 2014 2015

Latest Fall Winter All Trend 2014-2015
Radius coats autumn winter 2014 2015, the maximum jacket is completely essential, as the straight cut coat quilted dressing in the opposite sex.
As fashion trends are meant soft, there will also be the blanket coat. Shy last year, it will be one of the strongest pieces of winter 2015. Even combat, faux fur encrusted on all jackets autumn winter 2014-2015.
Finally, if you need a coat of mid-season is the return of the cape but the jacket Teddy completely revisited.

The Autumn Winter Clothes 2014 2015

Already present for the spring summer season, midi skirt has not yet said its last word and offer extensions to winter. Often pleated leather or iridescent, it will certainly be easier to wear during the fall before it gets too cold.

Latest Fall Winter All Trend 2014-2015
The tailoring. If the name does not speak, it will take seriously begin to take notice. The tailoring, the male tuxedo to women. Pants tailor invites in your wardrobe for a trendy androgynous.

In keeping with the spirit of “cocooning” fleece pants will or will not. If he is the cousin of jogging, cutting has absolutely nothing to do. It is much more polished. Know this: sweatpants LE pants will fall winter 2014 2015. Side pull autumn winter 2014 2015, we love hairy sweaters, those we had in the 90s softer than cuddly sweaters are everywhere, everywhere. And you can bet on the sweatshirt. Again and again. Radius dresses fall winter 2014 2015, we love the sixties mind. So we opt for trapeze dresses and retro prints and if he had to keep a piece, we would opt for the overalls. His return sounds like a blessing.

The fall winter 2014-2015 Shoes

winter  trends shoes with buckles 2015

Radius toes, opt for comfort too. The sneakers are the essential shoes. Do not store in the closet so! At your feet, it keeps the slip-on that has adopted this summer. This winter, often leather, they are chic. It also keeps the perforated shoes or full winter boots that door with a nice pair of socks.

The fall Winter 2014-2015 Fashion Accessories

We prefer to warn you: we can not spend the winter without a hat. It will be in all the shops and perfectly complement your figure. The radius of fashion accessories, there is a huge trend that is emerging LOL. As the bag “Happy Meal” on the parade Moschino, accessories do as their head.

Latest Fall Winter All Trend 2014-2015

Printed Materials and Autumn Winter 2014-2015

As well tell you right now: the leopard print is the new black. Its cousin, the zebra print is the new white. Let me tell you: the animal print is everywhere. Third on the podium? The tile that often rears its nose at this season. For colors, khaki door not more than parkas. It calls on all parts of our dressing room. The gold also has a stronghold in fashion trends autumn winter 2015.

Latest Fall Winter All Trend 2014-2015
The surprise is played on the matter. Obviously, there will mesh and leather. But it is also the velvet is back. Smooth or ribbed, one finds everywhere.

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