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Everyday Japanese Tech Instances That Make You Want Live In Japan

Japan became a world leader in innovation and technology during the late 20th century, leading nuclear, electronic, and robotics efforts. Since then, with popular brands like Sony, Nintendo, Mitsubishi, and Toyota all making Japan their home, Japanese tech has been sought by customers around the world.

In order to realize this new era, the Japanese government is doing its utmost to promote different players, including start-ups and “hidden gems” among small and medium-sized companies, to come up with brand new and innovative ideas to provide solutions to the world.

Although Japan may no longer be the technology king, it still remains a powerhouse in the tech world, making fun, creative, and sometimes weird goods that blind foreigners.

I have fallen in love with this country at once since I first traveled to Japan. I think many people can understand me because it’s really hard not to be fascinated by it.

I believe that for a good life and work there is everything required – well-developed traditions, the latest technologies, and security.

Bullet Train

Built in Japan, the first high-speed train, or bullet train, was first commissioned in 1964.

These trains are faster, more efficient, and help to reduce damage to the environment, not to mention providing the economy with enormous benefits. We can fly between 120 mph and 260 mph anywhere.

I’ve been to Japan three times already, and what’s the most interesting thing every time I find something different for me. However, I started learning Japanese two years ago, and now I have a better understanding of the country than at first.

To me, Japan’s most attractive feature of life is its ocean of resources it provides. That’s the main reason I want to function in J at the same time.

Whether you’re looking to eat your other frivolous cat toy more efficiently to please your feline overlords, cool Japanese goods are always on the rise.

Capsule Hotels

Although capsule hotels used to be more unhappy, they are becoming increasingly popular. Such small pods give those who just need a place to sleep cheap accommodation.

It will be creativity for Japan and elsewhere in the world that will ultimately resolve the issues we face in the future.

Japan is committed to being the very first country to show that, even when its population declines, it can expand through innovation.

That said, more luxurious capsule hotels in Japan give their guests a flat-screen TV and access to saunas and hot springs.

You may already know this, but Japanese toilets are known for their abundance of lights and features.

These include features such as seat heating, blood pressure testing, weight or urine, or simply spotless cleaning the bath.

This is a prime example, but you may find it a little embarrassing even to use it.

Okay, I want to follow traditions, raise my kids in Japan, so they’ve had a chance to choose their own way of life and grow it to the fullest.

Especially in this part of the world it is possible, as in the cities there are the latest innovations introduced in every sphere of life that make it possible to lead a more interesting and easier life.

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