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Most Shocking Then and Now Pictures of Famous Celebrities

Imagine if you would be able to go back in time and meet your wild younger self? What would you have the words of advice? But the next best thing might be his beautifully photo shopped photographs of famous people and their younger versions.

If you’re going to have a bad day, people don’t worry! You landed in the right spot. In a jiffy, we’re going to lighten your mood. In this post, we honor our favorite celebrities ‘ timeless beauty with a side-by-side comparison of the time and now.

As you’ll see most of these actors on the screen during their early days were drop-dead gorgeous, and with age they didn’t lose their glamor. They’ve aged pretty well.

You think you know your celebrities, but remember what they looked like? Look at this motley bunch of envious curls, crop and bad bleaches, far from flawless stars that they are today! Don’t you feel any better now?

Anna Chlumsky

Child actress Anna Chlumsky known for her classic movie My Girl has become a real beauty. Anna took some time off acting, but in 2012 she reappeared on our screens.

The seemingly framed photos show celebrities together side by side in before – and-after images of themselves, hanging out and having a great time together in search of the whole world like best buddies.

He shows current-day celebrities interacting with their former self in his ongoing “then and now” show.

His masterful use of Photoshop makes it look seamless to portraits.

Gary Barlow

This is one guy who gets better with age for sure! Bet he wanted someone to remind him that the bleach blond barnet has never been a good look! Even so, we can’t blame him now.

Let’s walk down the memory lane with our compiled list of the most shocking pictures of famous celebrities back then and now and see what a difference all those hot celebrities in their first appearances and their new ones.

We also turned women from cute sitcom stars into retiring from the spotlight and into their roles  of fashion. Other portraits of celebrities are not as dramatic then and now, but they still demonstrate how well some people have grown older.

Hannah Spearritt

After her days of crop tops, top knots and dodgy eye shadow, Hannah Spearritt, leader of the pop group has certainly changed.

Hannah has become a successful actress, playing Abby Maitland in the Primeval hit show, and is now taking part with the other members in the reunion tour.

We bet you’re going to be surprised to see our list as we’ve covered all of them.

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