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This Instagram Account Collects Most Outrageous Designs To Make You Cringe

Those three words are a perfect description of the kitchen, where everyone likes to meet. And while we might argue that everyone is created equal, the same can not be said about all kitchens.

We know that designs should always be simple yet applicable or suitable yet attractive.

There’s some really crappy kitchen projects out there. Interior designs that will give you a taste of how dumb they are.

Everybody likes to have examples of design that they love, but sometimes something comes along that’s a head scratch (or a belly laugh) that no one can help them share, right? Because some projects are so crazy they make you wonder how they were first created.

Everybody wants to make a beautiful thing. An amazing concept in which you poured your soul, which can gain public attention and place you on the map.

They don’t make any sense at all! That’s why some very bad prototypes are out there. Prototypes that will make you laugh at how dumb they are on the board.

Designs that will cause you to cring at how someone might have missed such obvious faults in your face.

But that’s not fast. So when you’re down on your luck, you’re not motivated and wondering if the concept is your destiny: this Instagram account gathers the ugliest designs.

Designs and ugly that you’re going to wonder who thought it’s a smart move to make them first.

The style faux pas Holland shows on its Instagram page, from misplaced toilets to bad carpeting choices, all have one thing in common: they look terrible.

We prefer to show examples of design that we love, but sometimes something comes along that’s such a head scratch (or stomach laughter) that we can’t help ourselves.

Luckily, there is an Instagram account named Ugly Design to provide a number of the latter’s instances.

There is an Instagram account named Ugly Design to make the design world less aesthetically pleasing.

Bad designs that will cause you to cring at how someone might have missed such obvious flaws in your profile.

We know you’ve had a long week at work and at school, so we’ve compiled the following list of the best and most ‘ tastiest ‘ kitchen design failures here. So take a refreshing drink, put on a soundtrack in the restaurant, and move on.

You deserve a break after all. Make sure your favorite horrible home designs are upset and tell us what you love to hate about them.

Designs so bad, they’ll encourage you and remind you that it’s not the bottom of your design, and the only direction you can go is up. See for yourself and scroll down.

So people started to tell me the things they hate and I kept posting it to share.

It’s been going on for days and one of my followers was like, ‘ You need to make a whole different account for that.

So when you feel shy about pushing back on a design choice that you don’t love, pull up this account and you may suddenly find yourself brave.

How about a piano hanging over the stove? It sounds like a nice idea! Or how are we going to build the kitchen behind the fridge? Hello, skipper!

Oh, and we’re probably supposed to install all the appliances to make it impossible to open any drawers.

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