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Perfect Time Funny Pictures

We are huge fans of perfectly timed pictures catching funny or surprising moments that come and go with an eye blink.You may take a thousand pictures, but you may never get the exact photo you want ifyou don’t catch anything at the right moment.

It has already been proven that, every now and then, somebody takes a truly amazing once in a lifetime shot with all the imaging tools around.

Sometimes when we least expect them to happen, the best things happen. 

This is more apparent nowhere than in the well- timed online pictures showing the perfect moment.

The internet is full of funny photographs shared by people who shot pictures with perfect timing or from the right perspective, so we wanted to share some of them with you.

Not only are your cat’s funny pics wearing a hat or a child who has spilled paint all over.

Pictures taken at the right time can create mythical Centaurs, human-dogs, capture a fire-breathing pooch or twist the perfect…

There is no perfect formula to take a perfect shot, sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time … and you’re ready to shoot a camera or smartphone.

That’s what it is! There’s no saying what a hilarious moment you might capture once in a lifetime.

Here we’re presenting a series of pictures that are perfectly timed to fool your brain.

To understand what’s going on there, you might even have to look at them twice.

It was going to be a great photo of a cool landscape already, and then a bird flew past it and got caught right in the middle of the shot! What are the chances?

For both of these men, something tells me that this party is about to be over.

The next one is a picture from the past that is perfectly timed.

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