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Pictures That Will Give You Secondhand Embarrassment

Everybody has done an incredibly awkward thing in public. In reality, if you’re like me, you like laying in bed at night and going over every single uncomfortable thing you’ve ever done in your life until it gradually drives you crazy with regret and shame.

In this day and age, air travel safety is vitally important, no one is going to debate that fact. But it became a regional punch line somewhere along the the.

It started with the uncomfortable crotch pat downs, then they carried out those cringeworthy body scans, and it just snowballed really from there.

Whether it’s an awkward greeting, a text message that you instantly regret, an unpleasant misjudgment or a joke that was supposed to be funny but really came off as rude, these little incidents can be downright mortifying for everyone concerned, and will most definitely be brought up again and again by the people around you for general amusement.

You walk down the street and watch a woman suddenly fall flat on her bottom. Before a shot. On news live. She, and wish you could crawl into your shell again. But don’t worry.

you’re not alone in feeling shame in the second hand. Here we display photos which will cause you serious embarrassment in the second hand.

But what if in photos and videos these gaffs were captured and then made public for the world to see? Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Just be happy that you did not.

As the pictures below will clearly show, going through security at airports has become one of the most stressful encounters life has to offer.

At some point in their lives, everybody has probably experienced an awkward moment, but these events here are about as cringeworthy as they get.

Hey, and if you are in any of the, well, thank you for the laughs!

At least no one can accuse her of not being transparent about her condition and being honest.

And seeing as we live in the you’ve got to respect that.Many people may be oblivious to this darn.

How dare you post about your mom and cookies when there are people with no mother and no cookies there?

This guy, on the one hand, clearly has some control issues and should tone it down a bit. On the other hand, Mom does have some great weapons.

I thought your camouflage joke was funny for record.

Clearly that person is not smart enough to understand your sense of humor.

No more saying I must go to the bathroom and then hide behind a plant for me for the rest of the night!

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