Times Hilarious Animal Photoshops

Some people love animals, others are in Photoshop and they want any picture they can get their hands on to Photoshop.

Often we get people who like animals and who like Photoshop when these 2 kinds of interests overlap.

We love animals – and we’re not just talking in person, we’re talking about people in general.

We open accounts for our pets on Facebook. We buy costly collars and food bowls with names on them.

This post is of such a sort of a Photoshop artist, the only problem is that it’s kind of “unrealistic” and those animal lovers / Photoshop artists went too far and turned beautiful animals into comic creatures.
So scroll down to enjoy.

The Royal Octobrella

Animals were also a major source of inspiration for the art world. Find out old petroglyphs. They almost always feature a horse or a buffalo.

And paintings were littered with animals from the Middle Ages all the way to the Victorian period.

It’s animals that inspire our art to this day. And we have far more mediums than early 18th-century artists.

Look at these photoshops of animals that are truly beautiful works of art, even though they are funny.


Scare us a minute, you guys. We just need to step back a minute. * Door closes * Hahahahahahahaha! * Knee-slaps * Whew! *

Wipes tear from your eyes * Have you seen that stuff, man? What dumb photoshopper thought up the stupid thing? Hahaha, man, fuckin * The tie straightens, the door opens * Okay, we’re out.

When you have a rough day, one sight of this crocoduck will turn things upside down. Heck, it’s only a matter of time before those guys begin to show up at local ponds.

Some feed stores are selling crocoducklings and they’re sweet, boy.

They will also dye them different colors during Easter time. Very common amongst children.

Yeah, please don’t try putting old bread bits on them. They hate it. They eat only pieces of raw chicken.

Penguin bear

Panda bears are keeping a special place in our hearts. It is a spot full of bamboo and hugs.

From this part of our hearts sitting diagonally is the spot we have reserved for the penguins.

It’s very cold in this part of our hearts, but it’s not like a kind of cold “the hate we feel towards our enemies transforms our heart to stone,” it’s a warm kind of cold actually. Will that mean anything? Ok, anyway.

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