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75 Selfie fails where people would also have reviewed the very first background

A selfie is a digital self-portrait photograph taken generally with a digital camera or smartphone, which can be held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Using social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, selfies are sometimes shared on social media.

Every now and then, we are all guilty of a selfie. Yet they are at least semi-tasteful, most of the time. At the other hand, these people forgot to test their past and send us a funny reminder that doing things for themselves sometimes isn’t necessarily a good thing.

They are also casual (or made to look casual) in nature. Usually, “Selfie” refers to self-portrait portraits taken with the camera kept at arm length, as opposed to those taken with a self-timer or phone. But a selfie may involve several subjects. So long as one of the people featured takes the picture, this is called a selfie.

Can’t Halt Looking

In reality, it is hard to see this girl surviving in the mess she is surviving in. She says she has a new outfit, so she just wants to go out and wear it. But she should still stay home and be cleaning her room. Yeah, this is a guinea pig or hamster pig.

Facebook Famous

This Twitter is pretty popular because it shows us the most insane selfies you can find. Specifically this one tells an inspiring story of a guy who had encountered a squirrel. This squirrel, needless to say, wasn’t too fond of him.

Staged or Raged?

Potentially both. This spider may have been fake, and the picture taker may have placed it in there. If so, there’s a fair chance her sister doesn’t talk to her anymore.

Another Mother in Selfie

This mom lets her kid get a drink alone out of the sink while she is taking a selfie.

Amazon Reviews

That’s why you should always ensure that you take good pictures before you leave an Amazon review. For one, this guy in the background is half-dressed. Plus, he is exhibiting his nudie photography.

Why Though?

That’s a urinal and it’s not meant to stand in. There was absolutely no reasonable reason to do so and yet it did.

She’s a Bird!

This makes us think this Superman image is, in fact, a selfie and it has been all along.

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