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Top 3 Famous Colored Gemstones To Choose As Engagement Rings For Women

No doubt that each single woman has the ultimate wish that she should be holding an expensive and out of this world extraordinary beautiful engagement ring in her finger. Turning around to the latest trends of the engagement rings, you will probably be finding so many designs and styles through which you can opt the one that stands best on your wishes list.

However, apart from all the designs and styles, the traditional concept of choosing the rings with the blend of gemstones in it has always remained the first choice of the women. Do you want to know which colored gemstones are selected as best and extraordinary as engagements rings for women?

Engagement Rings For Women

Famous and Top Best Colored Gemstones In Engagement Rings For Women

  1. Colored Diamonds Rings:

On the top of the list, we would be mentioning with the name of colored diamond engagement rings that is one of the most demanding gemstone in this category. This trend has been derived from the traditional concept of the diamonds.

This gemstone has the 10 rating in terms of the hardness scale. It do comprise the refractive index that is featuring out to be 2.417. You can easily wear it as it would exhibit the natural color implementation that is its main attraction. In the category of the colored diamonds you can look for so many of the more options as well such as bold canary yellow diamonds as well as sparkling pink diamonds, or the amazing black diamonds, and even sometimes with the stylish champagne colored diamonds.

Choose this as one of the best engagement rings right now!

2. Emerald Engagement Rings:

⦁ Turning on the next of our list of engagement rings, we have the name of Emerald engagement rings that was derived from the concept of the Egyptian queen.

⦁ This gemstone has been beautifully enclosed with the green color of gemstone touch in it.

⦁ You can view so many more color ideas in this gemstone that ranges from light green to deep or also the dark green, and sometimes it do come up with the option of green color

⦁ They do have the refractive index that is about 1.57 to 1.59

⦁ Their main feature is that they are not heat sensitive.

⦁ Some of the Emerald gemstones are featured with the quality of the fractures too that would protect the stones from getting damage.

3. Ruby Engagement Rings:

Ruby is another one of the top most wanted colored gemstones in the list of the engagement rings! This ring has one such kind of the stone that features out with the sizzling sort of statement. This engagement ring has the 9 rating in terms of the Mohs Hardness Scale.

It do comprise of the refractive index that is about 1.757-1.779. Such type of the engagement rings are considered to be one of the favorite ring options. It has the durable and longer lasting quality of survival. It is inexpensive as in comparison with other engagement rings colored gemstones.

So these have been the top 3 famous and yet the most popular colored gemstones to choose as the engagement rings for the ladies out there! Which one is your favorite colored stones?

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