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Tom and Jerry

There is no doubt about the fact that there is no other cartoon that can replace the popularity of the Tom & Jerry cartoons. It is said out to be the classic cartoon series that is still fresh in the minds of so many of the kids. Not just the kids but the old age people love to watch it again and again.

The very best thing about these cartoons were that as at one side they were running after one another to kill each other than on the same side they were best friends as well. How cute! It has been for about the last 75 years that Tom & Jerry is surviving in our blood and with each single series a new lesson is taught to the world.

Do you know which lesson Tom & Jerry has taught us in the past few years?

Talk About Unforgettable Tom and Jerry Lessons From Last 76 Years:

Lesson No 1: More Fight With Whom We Love:

In the whole series, the one thing that these two animals have taught us is that we always fight with the people to whom we love alot. These two animals were always involve in small fights with each other, but when anyone of them was in trouble the second one do come up to help the first one.

Lesson No 2: Stay in Confidence:

From this whole comic series, the role of Jerry has make us learn the reality that no matter how small you are, no matter who you are, stay in full confidence to face this society. In so many episodes, you would be catching the small mice in so many of the characters that is the best part of this series.

Lesson No 3: Have Trust on Each Other:

This series of Tom & Jerry has made us learn that no matter how much old your friendship is, this relation is incomplete when you do not show the trust into it. You do act worse with your friends but at the end of the day this is one such bond that is unbreakable in the whole world. When you are into any relation you should always trust your loved ones or friends as unkindly.

Lesson No 4: Size Does Not Matter:

This series has taught us that you should not be judgmental towards anyone no matter whatever is their size. No matter how much tiny you look, all important is your inside qualities and skills. You should always be prepared to fight in the battle. In short, never under-estimate any person and its power.

Lesson No 5: Best Spirit of Team Work: When Tom & Jerry are alone they prefer fighting with each other. When they are facing a enemy whose hatred is common for them, they joint hands and fight with them. They stand up and get united and defeat that enemy. This is one of the lessons which today’s society should be taught up with. This gives a true example of team work spirit.

Lesson No 6: Its All About Happiness:
If you would notice then almost all the series of this cartoon would end up with the happy smiles of the Tom & Jerry where both of them hug each other. No doubt that this series is the secret behind the happiness of each single person. You automatically smile out as you will view this series sitting out with your family mates and friends. You do always get the best feeling when you are watching this cartoon series. Are you ready to catch this cartoon series again?

Lesson No 7: Mistakes Are Our Best Teachers:
You always learn from your mistakes and that is what Tom & Jerry series has taught us. In one episode, if Tom has made mistakes in trapping the Jerry into his hands, then in the next task, he would not be making the same mistakes and make the try of some new efforts. This is what hardworking is all about! It show that the character of Tom has taught us that when you make a mind to achieve something you will put up all your efforts and passion in catching it.

Lesson No 8: Stay Outsider In Solving Problems:
Do you know why Jerry had never been in the trap of Tom? Because she always think the way Tom was thinking to trap him. In Tom & Jerry, Jerry always understand the tricks of the Tom by taking into consideration the whole situation of the problem.

Lesson No 9: Get Opportunity From Difficult Conditions:
If you would catch any one of the series episode of Tom & Jerry, you will view that Tom is about to win the trick but suddenly Jerry made a move and win the game. This is what catching the opportunity is all about! No matter how hard the situation is, you would always be catching that one single chance of win through the hard times.

Lesson No 10: Stay Down To Earth in Nature:
Last and the most important lesson which Tom & Jerry series has taught us is about staying in nature as down to earth. In the series, each one of the character has been bestowed with the skills and qualities of their own. As at one side, Tom is acting to be intellectual and sharp then on the same side, Jerry is best in its speed work to get hold over all the problems. Both none of them has ever feel proud of their skills and potential level.

Well there are no other cartoons that can create a magic as Tom & Jerry has created for us. They are one such cartoons which you can freely allow your kid to even watch it all alone. But if you would think about recreating the magic of Tom & Jerry once again then it would be difficult because no can show those colorful colors in Tom & Jerry that has been last around for the last 75 years.

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