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Harvard college’s decision to take on-line guides because of the coronavirus is ridiculous, says US President Donald Trump

Washington – US President Donald Trump has criticized the choice to move all Harvard college guides to the autumn semester on-line due to the coronavirus, calling it ridiculous. in step with the French news enterprise, US President Donald Trump said all through a round desk conference within the White House the day prior to this that he thinks the decision to transport on line subsequent semester is ridiculous, that’s a smooth way, and shame on you.

He confused that schools and universities ought to be reopened for the following semester due to the fact that is what anyone desires, mothers, fathers, and kids want, so it’s time to do it. “We need to open our colleges, we should open them quick and superbly in the fall,” he said. The united states authorities have announced that international college students taking all instructions on line will now not be allowed to live in u. s. a .. Many faculties are thinking about it, but a few educational establishments, which include Harvard University, have determined to take online lessons.

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