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Mia Khalifa started begging young girls, revealing her painful secret.

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) – Former Lebanese-American American porn star Mia Khalifa stepped into the embarrassing industry at the age of 21 with the pornographic website Puran Hub, but resigned three months later. In those three months, he made only 11 videos. Even so, she remains one among the foremost searched actresses on this pornographic website. Recently, Mia Khalifa admitted in an interview that going into the pornographic movie industry was the most important mistake of her life and now she has warned girls round the world about it.

According to the Daily Star, Miya Khalifa has said that even my short career within the pornographic movie industry has become the most important regret of my life.I can not wash away the stain that got on me due to an error I made. In only three months of my career, I made just 11 videos which will haunt me for the remainder of my life. I urge girls never to form the error of going into the porn movie industry .

A couple of weeks ago, he also urged girls to remain faraway from this shameful industry, saying that folks within the pornographic movie industry sexually, mentally and financially exploit girls under the guise of legal agreements. Girls become slaves after signing contracts with pornographic websites.

In a video posted on Tik Tak, Mia Khalifa has said that she made a couple of thousand dollars from the porn movie industry but it’s impossible to form up for the mental and emotional damage she has caused me thus far .It has been 6 years since I left the porn movie industry , in those years I’ve spent millions trying to destroy my porn movie identity, but this identity has haunted me sort of a monster ever since. Will still do so until I die.

In a previous interview, Mia Khalifa also claimed that she earned only 12 12,000 in her short career with Puran Hub which she was never paid by the web site after leaving the industry, albeit she remains on the web site today. a number of the foremost searched actresses. During this interview, she also claimed that she has been trying to get rid of her videos from porn hub and other pornographic movie websites for the last 6 years, but whenever she failed.

Mia Khalifa was born into a Catholic Christian family in Lebanon and moved to the us together with her parents at an early age. In his shameful career, he made a video of himself wearing the Islamic hijab, which caused a stir within the Muslim world, especially within the Middle East , and he received death threats from the extremist organization ISIS. Mia Khalifa has said that she was so frightened by the threats of ISIS that she left home and stayed during a hotel for 2 weeks and within the meantime she decided to go away the pornographic movie industry .

Mia Khalifa said that once I it had been said that I had to figure during a video wearing hijab and therefore the ground came out from under my feet. I said to those people with none pretense that you simply people want to kill me? But he said he had to try to to it.I used to be compelled by the agreement with them then what happened to me due to this video may be a tragic chapter of my life.

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