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Dolent Trump’s Niece Apologizes And Blames Trump’s Daughter For Using Antisemitism

President Trump’s niece, Mary, apologized .For what she said in an interview with Rachel Matthews on NBC. And for the words that Trump used. At the same time, he said that my uncle is a very good man. He did not say anything about racism. All this was said by Trump’s daughter. That’s what Trump’s daughter said.

The president’s niece said, “I admit that I made a mistake. Murray Mama has very good ideas about racism.”

White House spokeswoman Sarah Matthews also denied the allegations.

“All of this is based on lies,” Mathews told Business Insider in a statement.

Maryam said, “I will never say that again. I will take care of it from now on.”

Mary Trump’s mother said that her daughter has been addicted to drugs for more than a few days. That is why she is saying anything. She said that my brothers are very good people. They are not racists. They are human beings who walk together. They are human beings who see the world with a good eye.

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