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NYPD Officers Catch a Trans Protester from the Street and Sped in an Unmarked Van

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio tell off the city’s police Wednesday while a person on strike was arrested by plain dress officers during driving an unmarked minivan and this event went viral on social media. Drew comparisons to the widely fated strategy employed by federal authorities. Who clashed with demonstrators in Portland, Ore.

NYPD Officers Grabbed a Trans Protester off the Street and Sped off in an Unmarked Van

Nikki Stone, 18, was taken into custody in Manhattan. On Tuesday evening by the ny Police Department’s warrant squad person on strike was arrested by plain dress officers during driving an unmarked minivan

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio:

De Blasio (D) says that, while its proper to arrest an individual suspected of damaging city property. This was “the wrong time and therefore the wrong place to effectuate that arrest.”

“A lot folks have watched in pain. What’s been happening in Portland, Oregon, and therefore the incontrovertible fact that you see federal agents. Federal officers, federal troops, clearly doing inappropriate things meant to undermine our democratic process. That’s just thoroughly unacceptable. So, anything that even slightly suggests that’s , to me, troubling. It’s the type of thing that we don’t want to ascertain during this city. This is often not Portland.”

When the unmarked Kia minivan screeched to a stop near protesters. Tuesday evening, the demonstrators’ surprise swiftly gave thanks to alarm. Several NYPD officers wearing T-shirts and shorts spilled out of the van and grabbed Stone. Dragging her toward the vehicle, consistent with bystanders’ videos.

Protesters who witness the incident described it as a “kidnapping,” while selection of latest York’s elected officials, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, decry the officers’ actions and demand further explanations from the NYPD.

“There is not any excuse for snatching women off the road and throwing them into unmarked vans.”

NYPD officials said during a statement:

Police said Stone has been charge with criminal mischief associate with five separate incidents.

“When officers from the Warrant group took the lady into custody during a gray NYPD minivan tonight. And they Must beaten with rocks and bottles,” NYPD officials said during a statement. “The Warrant Squad uses unmarked vehicles to successfully locate required suspects.”

Protesters present during the arrest disputed the NYPD’s account, insisting they didn’t engage with the officers.

“None of that happen at all,” Clara Kraebber, a 20-year-old Oxford student, tell Gothamist.

Kraebber said officers pepper-sprayed the group “apparently by chance ,” adding, “They were trying to form it sore to be there.”

Another witness told Gothamist that the protesters had been “skateboarding and eating pizza” before the van’s unexpected arrival.

“We didn’t see where they come from,” the observers said. “All of a unexpected they grab [Nikki]. it had been kind of a kidnapping.”

In one video, a gaggle of protesters, a number of whom are riding bikes and skateboards. Are making their way down the road before the camera pans to at least one of the officers grabbing Stone. Several feet faraway from the van.

As a couple of protester approach, a politician frequently shout, “Get back!” and charge on foot at those getting too close.

Within seconds, more police flood the world , using their bicycles to make a barrier between the van. Where the officers are still battling Stone, and therefore the crowd.

Additional videos of the aftermath showed protesters during a tense standoff against the remaining NYPD officers. One officer was filmed yelling at the demonstrators to step back and brandishing what seemed to be an outsized spray bottle and a baton.

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