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Debby Ryan’s TikTok “What I’d Wear” is a stroll down memory lane

One of our favorite TikTok trends is the What Will I Wear series, where TikTokers share imaginary ensembles they’d love to wear everything from Fashion Week to cameos on their favorite TV shows. And in our passion for the trend, we are not alone. Celebrities like Debbie Ryan will get caught in the bandwagon and take us for a walk down memory lane!.

Debbie has taken her own turn on a popular challenge with her latest TikTok video, where she revisits some of her most popular roles. “What I wear at Fashion Week …” he wrote and then morphed into most of his most famous characters, including Jesse Jesse, Bailey on the deck of The Suite Life, and play queen Patty Insatiable. … He even threw his 2012 rollback vote by shouting at Tara about DCOM Radio Rebel (and yes, it includes a bow for the now infamous meme).

Debbie began wearing the video with a cute homey look, pairing purple sleeves with a purple plaid top and comfortable slippers. When she turned into Jessie, she became an elegant gray skirt dress with a green top, knee-high boots and a burgundy lip. For the trip to Suite Life, she donated a white crop, red shorts and trainers that are perfect for an everyday cruise ship. Patty, of course, wore a red princess dress and crown, as well as a blood crack and a knife.

Her Tara outfit included a black tulle skirt, black tights and boots, a red tank top, jacket hem and many accessories, as well as long wavy hair. The video clearly had fans in their emotions. In just a few hours, his TikTok has amassed over 7.9 million likes and points!

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