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Well Google has nothing to say about in its views from the very first day of the Palestine removal from the World Map. They have always mentioned in their statements that Palestine was never taken as being the territory on their map locations and hence they don’t find it important to make it as part of the World Map.

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This is a pointless statement from Google! As in favor of this act an online petition was held with the title “Google: Put Palestine On your Maps” that attracted almost 311,000 signatures from all over the world. According to the whole world, this is quite a shameful act of removing the Palestine from World Map and naming it as Israel just for the reason that it is under the control of Israel now.

There was a time when Palestine was considered to be one of the beautiful places to travel around on this planet. But one still plan of bombing attack made by the Israel has made this place one of the dangerous places to travel into in the whole world. Why is it so?

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