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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born with the real name of Norma Jeane Mortenson as on June 1, 1926. She died on 4th August 1962. By profession she had been involved in working out as being one of the top leading American actresses. She had often step up in working as being one of the most wanted models of her time. She got the best appreciation as in appearing with the comic roles much.

She was undoubtedly the sex symbol of the 1950’s time.She turns out to be the most highest paid actresses of her time in the entertainment ground.

Inside Look Into Marilyn Monroe Professional Career:

She got married at the early age of the 16 years old. In the year 1944 she step up into the modeling as she got the chance to work along with First Motion Picture Unit. In the start of the acting career she did feature herself out in the small and minor roles in so many comedy films. She has posed for so many magazines in order to make herself one of the shining stars of the modelling world. She was a sex appeal of her modelling career.

No doubt that Marilyn Monroe had given so many successful films to the Hollywood cinemas in her era time.

List of Unknown and Interesting Facts About Mariyln Monroe:

  • In the start of the career, this actress was paid so much less in terms of the salary for her acting in films. For her first film, named as Something’s Got to Give she was given the salary of about$100,000. In this film she acted alongside the actress Elizabeth Taylor for which she was paid with the cost of million dollars.
  • Marilyn Monroe died she was known out to be the actress who gave a film with the million dollar of profit. In the year 1962 she was fired by so many films because of her habit of reaching late on the shooting sets. Almost 4 days before her death, she signed a contract with Fox for two pictures at the cost of about $1million.
  • She was very bad when it comes to the learning of the lines. For learning four lines she took with almost 60 retakes for the lines “It’s me, Sugar”, for the film, Some Like it Hot.
  • In the year 1953 Marilyn Monroe made herself appear out to be the Playboy’s first Sweetheart as into her modelling career. For this act she was paid with the cost of about $50.
  • In her personal life Marilyn Monroe has been known by so many named. In her birth certificate she has the name of Norma Jeane Mortenson. In the same way she was baptised Norma Jeane Baker. In the career of modelling she was known under the name of Jean Norman and Mona Monroe. On the screen her real name was Jean Adair and in the hotel rooms she used to stay with the name of Zelda Zonk. She officially and legally changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in March 1956.
  • She has spent almost one year by staying into the Children’s Aid Society Orphanage in Los Angeles.
  • At the age of 18 Marilyn Monroe made herself turn into the Christian Scientist. She converted into the religion of the Judaism just as before her 1956 marriage with the Arthur Miller.
  • In the year 1999, at the time of the auction of Marilyn assets, her white baby piano was bought by Mariah Carey who is a singer. It was sold at the cost of about $662,500.
  • Her funeral was carried out in the open casket. At the time of the funeral ceremony she was wearing apple green Pucci sheath dress that was designed into the material of the nylon jersey and a platinum wig.
  • At the birthday ceremony of President Kennedy Marilyn Monroe wore Jean Louis gown that was sold at the cost of £820,000 in 1999. She bought it at the cost of about £2.8 million.
  • While she was alive, she was in love keeping so many dogs in her house. In the year 1999 her two two Polaroids of Maf were sold at the cost of about £220,000.
  • At the age of 16 she tied the marriage knot with James Dougherty.
  • This actress used to give her skin with the whitening effects through the use of hormone cream. This cream later on show out the effects with the growth of blonde down as on her face.
  • She was the only actress who never won any nomination for the Academy Award. She was even voted out for the “Oomph Girl” at Emerson Junior High in the year 1947. She even turned out to be the Stars and Stripes magazine’s Miss Cheesecake of the year 1950.
  • Marilyn Monroe grab much popularity as she was named out to be the “The Most Advertised Girl in the World” by the Advertising Association of the West in the year 1953.
  • In the year 1950 she underwent with two plastic surgeries mentioning with a tip rhinoplasty as well as chin implant.
  • She used to take yoga training classes from Indra Devi who was a Swedish-Russian Bollywood film star.
  • She made herself appear out to be the second woman who establish her own production company.
  • Marilyn Monroe used to had a fixation on Clark Gable who was her co-start in the film, The Misfits. When he died she cried for almost two days.
  • She mostly prefer to go naked. She gave so many of her interviews as nude and even sometimes prefer going out without wearing nother as under the black mink.

So this was the complete story about the celebrity Marilyn Monroe! Although she was so much famous at the time of her career era, but there are few fans of her who do not know much about this celebrity star. She was no doubt one of the shining stars of her time and has given so many successful films to the film world. Did you find her unknown facts interesting to learn about?

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