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Karnataka Bengaluru News Updates: Curfew imposed in violence-hit areas of city

Three people died in the Indian city of Bangalore after
police fired into a crowd of protesters against the allegedly blasphemous Facebook post.

Crowds gathered outside the house of a local politician whose relative was accused of “racist” statements about the Prophet Muhammad. They set fire to cars and attacked arriving police officers with stones. The guy and 110 other people who were in the crowd were detained by the police.

City commissioner Kamal Pant said Tuesday night at least 60 police officers including senior officers had been wounded in the attack. Curfew was also placed in the town’s two police districts, he said.

Meanwhile city police tweeted that the situation was “under control,” adding that officers had fired live bullets only after first using tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd.

The violence began after protesters gathered outside the politician’s home, as well as outside the police station, noting that a post the local media reported had since been deleted.

Meanwhile, Akhand MP Srinivas Murti made a video appeal for protesters to stay calm and promised them justice.

“I call on my Muslim brothers not to fight for someone who has broken the law. In any case, we are all brothers. Whoever is responsible, we must make sure that those responsible are properly punished. I am with you, ”the message said.

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