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Miley Cyrus Height, Weight, Age, Biography and Life Story

Miley Cyrus is one of those lucky celebrities who reached the success and game heights in just the small time period of the career. She is prominently working as the American singer and one of the finest known American actresses as well. She has huge fan following on the social media and in the entertainment ground. Miley Cyrus was born with the real birth name of “Destiny Hope Cyrus”. In the year 2008 she changed her name into the stage name of “Miley Ray Cyrus.”

She is popularly known with the nickname of “Smiley.” She is suffering from the non-fatal heart disease known as tachycardia. This condition do take place at the time when the individual is carrying the carrier that is higher than average resting heart rate that is on the whole exceeding over 100 beats per minute. She is left handed which most of her fans do not know.

She has spent much of her growing childhood in the devout household. She used to wake up as 5 A.M. every morning for the purpose of reading the Bible. She do call her godmother as the legendary Dolly Parton who even feature herself out in few episodes of Hannah Montana as being the “Aunt Dolly.” Since the time of being the kid, she was fond of writing the songs.

She has written almost 150 of her own personal tunes when she was a kid. At the age of 6 she wrote the very first track for the Jesse McCartney.

She has total five siblings as from her parents marriages. All of them are interlinked with the entertainment profession. Before stepping into the career as the profession, she was involved with her father’s music career. Her favorite song is from the list of her father named as “Achy Breaky Heart”.

In the childhood she had not attended any sort of formal education. She used to study at home through the personal tutor. She had even accepted that she has taken acting lessons. She got the first break with the role of Disney’s Hannah Montana.

She beat 1000 actresses in the audition to get this role. In the profession of singing and music, she got the first successful non-album track “Party in the U.S.A.,”. Miley Cyrus shares a special best friend bonding with Kelly Osbourne who is the well known offspring of Ozzy and Sharon.

She had almost 14 tattoos on her body. But the most catchier tattoo on her body has been on the ring finger of her right hand. She is also an outspoken marriage equality supporter. She is a big social media lover and generates with almost360,000 tweets each single minute. She is among those singers who have presently being ranking on top of the over 1 billion Google hits.

This made her turn out to be the most searched celebrities after the names of Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, and Katy Perry or God. She loves to do shopping whenever she is free from the projects. She takes London as her favorite holiday destination!

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