John Cena

John Cena is an American comedian, wrestler, TV presenter and rapper. John Felix Anthony Cena Born April 23, 1977 in West New Bury, Massachusetts. Better known as John Cena, an actor and professional wrestler. His parents are John Sr (professional announcer named Johnny Fables). John has been sharing his love of sports since childhood. Today, when John Cena turned 42 years old, as of 2019, John Cena’s net worth exceeded $ 60 million.

John Cena Girlfriend and AffairsJohn Cena Girlfriend

American wrestler and actor John Cena has established many relationships at different times, like all other celebrities. The list of John Cena’s girlfriends is quite large. John Cena made her first time when she was 25 years old at the age of John Cena. The first girl from the collection of John Sen’s girlfriend was Lisa Marie Varon. They continue this business of 2002. He begins another business in the same year after graduating with Lisa Maria Varon, and the girl was Elizabeth Huberdo. John Cena’s girlfriend also has a fairly large list, including Mickey James (2008-2009), Nicole Garcia (2012-2018). Currently, a talented American wrestler and actor spends a single life.

Awards and Achievements

John Cena’s professional athletic career made him earn many titles and names, such as the OVW Heavyweight Championship. He also made many achievements for the fighter of the year, worst year, game of the year and many others. In addition to his achievements in the fight, he received the Chris Gracius Prize. In 2014, he received the title “Sports Social TV Host of the Year”. He subsequently received the USO Award in 2009.

Education and early life for John Cena

He was a fan of gymnastics and wrestling at age 15, and his idols were: Hulk Hogan, Absolute Warrior and Sean Michaels. Sena went to Springfield College in Massachusetts to study physical education after high school, while demonstrating her skills on the football field. In Springfield, Sina became the storm trooper of Division III and the team captain. In 2000, he moved to find a new life in California after graduating from university, and worked as a bodybuilder. It was not easy for John Cena, with just $ 500 in his pockets, he had to start gaining economic independence and wealth. He had to work in different companies, he was a limo driver, he folded towels and washed toilets at Gold’s Gym. Although he was promoted to Venice Beach gym coach because of his athletic abilities.

John Cena Net Worth

A wonderful and talented American actor and wrestler. John Cena’s net worth is pretty good. Today, despite the fact that as of 2019, John Cena was 42 years old, his net worth exceeds $ 60 million. His career is the main source of net profit for John Cena. He plays the match at WWE as a wrestler and performer and works in films, of which John Cena’s net worth is currently growing. He also deals with a lot of films and television series. We expect that in 2020, when John Cena is 43 years old, John Cena’s net worth will increase to more than $ 70 million.

Personal Life and Family

John Cena is an American professional wrestler and one of the greatest fighters in history. John Cena is an actor and a talented rapper. There are also several other wrestlers such as Skala, including one who has been successful thanks to his career in wrestling. John Cena’s father was John Cena Sr. and mother Carol Cena. He also has siblings Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean. He was a professional baseball player with his maternal grandfather Tony Lupien.

John Cena Career

Around 2000, John Cena took up the fight. The young man signed a contract to work in the fight in the Ohio Valley (OVW) in just one year. In a fight against Kurt Angle on June 27, 2002, Sina appeared on the WWE, which he lost. Instead, titled “Doctor of the Reaganomics,” this character was introduced on the way to Wrestle-mania 28 in a special appearance during the battle against the Rock. From there, he learned to be a fighter in Ultimate Pro Wrestling, where he also created the Prototype character.John Cena His growth was terrible, he began to build his reputation as a celebrity in 2004. The US Big Show Championship was won by John Cena. Soon he took the title, but quickly restored it. Sena lost the title again, remaining in the hands of WWE superstar Carlito. At this time, apparently, due to a kidney problem, Sina had some health complications, they say that this was due to a blow inflicted by one of Carlito’s bodyguards. The monthly incident that kept him from the arena. Sen was involved in a series of scandals in 2005 and 2006. He had a dispute with champion John Bradshaw Leyfield, manager Eric Bischoff and wrestling colleague Chris Jericho. At that time, Sina was hostile to Edge and Umaga. in 2007, he fought with former rap star Kevin Federline. In the end, John lost the battle for helping Umagi to Kevin Federline. Then Sina had a rematch with Kevin Federline in the ring. This year, John became the first person to defeat the Samoan Bulldozer (Umag) this year, having been defeated. The Chain Gang soldier also collaborated with Sean Michaels, defeating the team of Randy Orton and Edge. A pair of Cena and Michaels entered the fray, winning. In the same year, due to an injury, John Cena lost his WWE title, during a fight with Mr. Kennedy, when he performed a hip throw, Cena lost her pectoral muscle. He was immediately diagnosed with a medical diagnosis and reported a terrible injury. He was out of the ring for seven months. As a result, Vince McMahon was unable to fight in the Wwf CEO, losing his title and ending his reign.

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