US Election results: Tense wait as US election winner remains unclear

With Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden in a decisive In vacillating states, the result of the US presidential election is at knife edge.

“Mr. Biden’s campaign stated that the race “came to a conclusion in our favor.

But Republican Trump claimed to be victorious and threatened:
without showing evidence of fraud to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Millions of votes remain unaccounted for, and there are
there is no candidate yet who can reliably declare his victory.

The United States is on the way the highest voter turnout in a century. More than 100 million voters voted early ahead of the elections day, and on Tuesday tens of millions more people voted.

The final result will not be known for days with the nation on the brink.

Live results from US Election 2020: Donald Trump takes on Joe Biden in a close presidential race

This table provides an estimation of the number of votes to be counted in each state where the winner is not yet known and the number of votes to be counted between the current leading candidate and the second-placed party (the margin). The two elements, taken together, show how much space there is for the positions to alter in the final count.

StateVotes left to count (est.)Current marginCurrent leader
North Carolina6%348,000+76,712Trump
  Joe Biden2,581,74049.5%
  Donald Trump2,551,42648.9%
  Jo Jorgensen57,5671.1%

Via a method called the electoral college, the winner of the election is decided. A number of electoral college votes are given to each of the 50 states plus Washington DC, adding up to a total of 538 votes. More populated states earn more than smaller electoral college votes.

To win the presidency, a nominee needs to win 270 electoral college votes (50 percent plus one).

In every state except two, Maine and Nebraska, all of the state’s electoral college votes are won by the candidate who gets the most votes.

A candidate will win the election because of these rules without having the most votes at the national level. This occurred in the last election, in which, while more people voted for Hillary Clinton around the US, Donald Trump secured a majority of the electoral college votes.

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