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Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario (full name Alexandra Anna Daddario) is an American actress, the daughter of a lawyer named Christina and a lawyer named Richard, who is also involved in New York’s fight against terrorism. The list of Alexandra Daddario’s guys is not so long. She has relationships before.

Her brother is an actor, Matthew. She has another sister named Katarina. Christina’s daughter, lawyer, and Richard Daddario, former chief prosecutor of the New York Police’s counter-terrorism unit. She has two brothers, actor Daddario Matthew and Daddario Katarin.

With a pedigree from Italy, Hungary, Ireland and Czechoslovakia. On the Upper East Side, she grew up.

She began playing Laurie Lewis for 43 episodes as an actress at the age of 15 in the TV series All My Children (2002-2003). Subsequently, she appeared in other exhibitions, including Law and Order (2004), Los Soprano (2006), Damage (2009), Jackie Nurse (2009), and True Detective (2014).

Now 33 years old, Alexandra Daddario. She met with many famous people. American actor Logan Lerman was Alexandra Daddario’s boyfriend, rumored to be on a date from Alexa. Actor Jason Fuchs was the boyfriend of Alexandra Daddario (2006-2009).

After she broke up with Fuchs, she became friends with singer Trey Songs, Trey was the boyfriend of Alexandra Daddario in 2011. She had a different relationship with Zac Efren after a big break. Efron was Alexandra Daddario’s boyfriend in 2017. She suggested that she was meeting with her colleague from Baywatch.

He wrote films such as Squid and the Whale (2005), The Hottest State (2006), Nanny (2007) and Attic (2008).

Her most prominent role was in the role of Annabeth Chase, the main character of Percy Jackson and the thief Thunderbolt (2010), based on the first book of the writer Rick Riordan in the Percy Jackson series and the gods of Olympus. In the show “White Collar” (2009–2011), she portrayed Kate Moreau and starred in the movie “Hall Pass” (2011). She starred in a music video about the radioactive Imaginary Dragons in 2012.

She starred in the Texas 3D Chainsaw 3D in 2013 and returned to play Annabeth Chase, a sequel to Percy Jackson and the Thief of Lightning, Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters in The Same Year. She played a role in the movie Baywatch (2017) in 2017, where she played Summer Quinn.

She attended Brearley School, a private women’s college in Manhattan, and then was about to become an actress at Vocational School for Children in New York.

She later continued her studies at Marymount Manhattan College.

Alexandra Daddario in her youth began her career as a translator in the television series “All My Children” (2002-2003).

She later participated in the episodes of Law and Order or Life on Mars.

She made her film debut with director Noah Baumbach in the movie Brooklyn Story (2005). She got her first major role on the big screen as Annabeth Chasein in the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (2010), adapted from the novel by Rick Riordan.

He repeated this character with Logan Lerman in Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters (2013).

In the same year, she starred in the horror movie “Texas Chainsaw 3D Massacre” (2013).

Later, this actress with bright blue eyes played the daughter of Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino in San Andres (2015).

She returned to coincide with Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch: The Beach Watchers (2017), playing the role of Summer Quinn.

Other works by Alexandra Daddario on television are the series The Thieves’ White Glove, Parenthood, or The True Detective (2014), a production in which she played the role of Lisa Tragnetti in her first season.

As for her personal life, Alexandra maintained a relationship with actor Jason Fuchs.

He also rumored about an affair with singer Trey Songs.

Since April 2019, maintains relations with Brendan Wallace.

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