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Ever since the time, Palestine has been in under-attack by Israel, a news has been all the time roaming around in the media sites that Palestine has been removed from the World Map. Is it true? A common story has been spreader around in the media stories that Palestine has been removed from the World Map that has bring about so many questions in the minds of the people.

How is it possible that any country place has been removed from the World Map locations without any sort of reasons. Over the last so many months, Google has been continuously in the mode of being accused for removing off the Palestine from the map. They have in return mentioned it to be the state name of “Israel”. As you do search for the Palestine in World Map, it would make you learn the fact that this country was never on service in the World Map. How Strange!

We all have been fully aware regarding the condition of the Palestine over the last so many years and still hopes are being made to get it back in the old condition. But if one country is losing its position and is not able to defend itself, then it does not mean that it would be removed off from the World Map completely.

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